​​The Neighborhood Church is located in a very impoverished, high crime, drug riddled community. We realize that to serve where God has placed us, we must be a little different than some other churches. We are not better than other Churches. We are not “Right” while all other Churches are “Wrong”. We just know that because of the uniqueness of our community, our philosophy of how we “do” Church is not necessarily the same way everyone else “does” Church… and that’s ok.

Because we are a little different it is ok if we may not be your kind of church. Here is our Seven Fold Philosophy of how we “do” Church:

We Focus On Reaching The Unreached - If you are already a faithful attender of another church then we ask you to continue to be faithful where God has placed you! We are out to reach those that either have no relationship with Jesus Christ or may be a Christian WITHOUT a church home. God has not called any of us to be “Aquarium Churches”, where we catch fish that are already caught. We are going to be focused on reaching the Unreached. If you think building the Church comes by swapping members with other Churches or you want to add us to your list of churches or bible studies that you attend, then we are not the Church for you… and that’s ok.

We Go Out of Our Way To Make All Feel Welcomed - “Church” can be an intimidating place. After all, everyone is so perfect…. WRONG! We know that we’re all sinners saved by grace. Our goal is to make every person that walks into our presence feel loved, respected, and appreciated. We have a saying at TNC, "Some may be BETTER OFF, but no one is BETTER THAN anyone else." If you think that you will be uncomfortable being in the same room with people who have many struggles and are not quite “where you are” in life, then we are not the Church for you… and that’s ok.

We Practice A Removal of Racial and Social Barriers - We refuse to let race or social level dictate who we reach with the good news of Jesus Christ! We refuse to be a “white” church OR “black” church OR “Whatever Kind of” Church.  We want to be a picture of “GOD’S CHURCH”. If you cannot worship with a homeless person standing near you, then please worship someplace else. If you think that you will struggle with worshiping with people that may be “different” than you, then we are not the Church for you… and that’s ok.

We Intentionally Dress Casually - Our goal is to reach people from ALL walks of life. Some may not have the best clothes to wear. Therefore, we are going to dress in a less intimidating and more casual style in order to give even those that don’t have the “best” a comfortable place to worship! If you have the problem of looking down your nose at others because they don’t dress as nicely as you, then we are not the Church for you… and that’s ok.

We Share Life Changing Biblical Truth - It has been said that too many sermons today are “ought to” messages when we need more “how to” messages. God’s Word is applicable to today’s life. Our goal is to show you how to live out God’s Word in your life so that you can walk in victory, no matter your circumstances. God’s Word is meant to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. If you want to hear that God will “heal everyone, give everyone great wealth and take away every problem” then sorry, we are not the Church for you… and that’s ok.

We Are A Place That Helps You Find What God Wants You To Do -   We all want to do something that makes a positive difference in our world with the time we have. We want to be a part of something significant. You are unique and there is no one else like you. When God created you, He had a wonderful plan for you. You will not experience true joy until you find out what that plan is for YOUR life. We want to help you figure out what that plan is! If you have no desire to use your God given gifts to serve Him by serving others, then we are not the Church for you… and that’s ok.

We Offer You Some One To Lean On - Being a Christian does not mean that you are free from troubles, but it does mean that you should not have to face them alone! Being the member of a Church should surround you with people who love you and want to be there for you. At Church you should be stirred up by love when you are discouraged. You should be encouraged to continue on doing the things of God when you feel like giving up. You should be lifted up when you are feeling down. We are looking for people that are real and honest about themselves and willing to be that way with and for others. If you want to make others think that you have got it “all together”, then we are not the church for you… and that’s ok.